Saturday, September 25, 2021

Issuance of Patta does not confer any title to immoveable property

Issuance of Patta does not confer title to an immovable property:

In Kuppuswami Nainar v. The District Revenue Officer, Thiruvannamalai and others, 1995 (1) MLJ 426 a Bench of the Madras High Court has held as follows:

"Revenue Officers in a patta proceedings may express their views on the question of title, but such expression of opinion or decision is not conclusive and it is only intended to support their decision for granting patta. 

Ultimately, it is the civil court which has to adjudicate the question as to whether the person claiming patta is the title-holder of the land. 

Even if the revenue authorities decide the question of title, that will not in any way affect the jurisdiction of the civil court, which has to decide the question without reference to the decision of the revenue authorities."

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