Sunday, March 20, 2016

Beloved Mothers!

Beloved Mothers,
"I was in doubt as to how to address you, dear ones! As a man in the late seventies, I am really old enough to call you all my daughters, nay, even grand-daughters; but as an ardent and devout devotee of the Supreme Divine Mother, I see every one of you as Her true representative. So, I have no hesitation in addressing you as ‘Beloved Mothers’.
According to one of our ancient scriptures, which describes the beings and places where the Holy Mother is ever present, virgins and pure white fragrant flowers are considered important and most suitable for Her manifestation. Therefore I feel happy to address you as mothers, with reverence and devotion."
(This is a part of the excerpts of the speech of Mr. Ramachandra, the highly esteemed Editor of the internationally famous ‘Religious Digest’, who delivered this speech to sixty four Roman Catholic Nuns, belonging to different Orders, at the Aquinas University College, Colombo in 1971.)

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