Sunday, March 20, 2016

Zemmzem spring (மெக்காவின் ஜம்ஜம் ஊற்று)

 Zemmzem spring
Discussing the treachery of step mothers, you might recall The Arabian story of Abraham and his two queens, who had a son each. Sarah, the favourite queen, the mother of Isaac was jealous of Hagar, the second queen who had a son by the name Ishmael.
One day, Sarah complained to her husband that Hagar was always despising her and frightening her that when Ishmael grew up he would be the heir to the throne. She wanted the King to promise that her son Isaac would be his successor and demanded that Hagar and Ishmael should be sent into the desert.
The King did as the first and favourite queen dictated. Carrying the small boy on her shoulders, Hagar reached the Red sea, where tired and very thirsty, she seated herself on a rock and wept in fear lest her son and she should die in the desert of thirst.
The boy kicked the sand below his feet, and a spring of fresh water gushed out of the sand. This spring is now known as Zemmzem. Abraham heard of the miracle and rushed to the spot and built a temple.
The descendants of Ishmael built the sacred city Mecca around the temple.
The children of Isaac multiplied in the course of years and came to be known as Jews.
In the same way, the children of Ishmael multiplied into a big race known as Arabs.
The old jealousy and rivalry seem to thrive still in spite of thousands of years.

 (This is a part of the excerpts of the speech of Mr. Ramachandra, the highly esteemed Editor of the internationally famous ‘Religious Digest’, who delivered this speech to sixty four Roman Catholic Nuns, belonging to different Orders, at the Aquinas University College, Colombo in 1971.)

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