Sunday, March 20, 2016

AUM: ஓம்

AUM: ஓம்
 Aum is the most powerful Mantra. You can repeat it in seven symphonies – seven mounting and seven descending – AUM, AUM, AUM, AUM, AUM, AUM, AUM……. aum, aum, aum, aum, aum, aum, aum; AUM is Brahman; it is the primordial sound principle the Word of God. It contains three fundamental sounds – A, U, M.  A is the Pure Almighty Grace, U is the universe of beings pervaded by the Grace and M is man, the individual in whom It is the Soul. The Individual, Universal and the Transcendent souls are pervaded by the unique one who is all, and All-in-all. Let us meditate upon That. That is the meaning of the Mantra of one sound, AUM.”

(Yogi, Shri Suddhananda Bharati’s beautiful words in his recent book, ‘Secrets of Sama Yoga’.

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