Sunday, March 20, 2016


"Hinduism was not founded by any particular prophet, as in the case of all other world religions. It contains the accumulated wisdom collected from the spiritual experiences of many Rishis, Sages and Saints of India. We call it a revealed religion for the simple reason that it contains the priceless truths discovered by self-realized men and women. It does not claim any monopoly of truth nor does it dogmatically assert that man can achieve final emancipation only through a particular path described by it. It makes due allowance for the different temperaments of human beings and for the varying stages of evolution in which they are. In this way, it proves scientific as well. The very first scripture, Rig Veda, makes the declaration: “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahutha Vadanthi”… “That which exists is one, men call it by various names”.

 (This is a part of the excerpts of the speech of Mr. Ramachandra, the highly esteemed Editor of the internationally famous ‘Religious Digest’, who delivered this speech to sixty four Roman Catholic Nuns, belonging to different Orders, at the Aquinas University College, Colombo in 1971.)

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