Sunday, May 1, 2016

What is "Religion"?

What is "Religion"?
Any impartial mind making a comparative study of the principal religion of the world in a sincere manner is sure to come to the conclusion that the ultimate source of religion is God, and that the newer religions can be traced to older ones and the older ones to still older ones and so on.
The Vedas are the fountain heads from which the stream of religious thought has flowed through the channels of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. None can deny the fact that the moral precepts and teachings of Buddhism have much in common with those of Christianity. The Essence cult of Buddhism prevailed in Palestine when Jesus Christ was born. In the same way, you can find parallels in Judaism and Zoroastrianism, which were based on Hinduism. Islam is indebted to both Judaism and Christianity. There is no discredit or disrespect to any religion by accepting this historical fact.
On the contrary, it reveals the golden chord of unity running through all. All relative knowledge must naturally end in the realization of that Unity, and to realise that unity must be the aim of all true religion. There are signs all over the world that humanity is anxiously looking forward to a Universal religion, which embraces all the special religions of the world - a unique system of religion as well as a system of philosophy that is of universal character.
The following all inclusive words of the Blessed Lord Krishna in Bhagawad Gita were not uttered in vain:
"Whosoever comes to me through whatsoever path, I reach him; all men are struggling in the paths which ultimately lead to ME, the Eternal Truth."
(Courtesy: Excerpts from Mr. Ramachandra's "Hinduism in a Nutshell")


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